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Tatami Mat - Custom Order

Tatami Mat - Custom Order


This traditional mat is filled with wara (rice straws) and covered with igusa (rush mat). Handcrafted in Japan, these tatami floor mats will exude warmth, softness, and a scent of grass fields to any room in your home.

This is a custom order page for Mark Miller.  The discounted price is:

7 X full size mat, Traditional @ $711.00 each = $4,977.00

1 X half size mat, Traditional @ $405.00 each - $405.00

Total:  $5,382.00  (click "add to cart" and continue through the process)

  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Depth:
  • Weight:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee ?
  • 100% Authentic Tatami. Made in Japan.
  • Ships from Texas, USA.
  • Free Shipping in continental USA
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