Tatami’s firmness helps the body to naturally adopt a correct sleeping posture while reducing tension on joints. Walking on tatami barefoot lessens the shock to the calves and knees due to the shock absorption of the rice straw.


clean air

The rush reeds used in tatami removes carbon dioxide from the air. Rooms with tatami flooring smell better as the rush reed provides a sweet aromatherapy.


humidity control

Tatami straw absorbs excess humidity in a room. And naturally, it can release that excess humidity when needed as if it were breathing itself.



Tatami floors are warm. The intricate straw pattern acts as a blanket which disperses heat very slowly, and tatami construction provides for excellent sound absorption.



Trees used in traditional furniture can take up to 100 years to grow. The rush grass and straw used in tatami can be grown in one harvest. Tatami lasts 15 years with no chemical treatment and can be completely composted and recycled.

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