do anything on tatami

friends eating on tatami mats

eat on tatami.

Tatami forces us to slow down, concentrate on our food, and interact with our friends and family while we eat. Gazes at books, televisions, and phones at the kitchen table are replaced by conversation and laughter on tatami.

And you have to admit – hosting a dinner party for 8 on tatami sounds amazing.

playing on tatami mat

play on tatami.

Let the kids run around on it!

It is strong enough for dojos around the world to train black belts on.

Tatami safely cushions your fall.

sleeping on tatami mats

sleep on tatami.

For many, once they sleep on tatami they can never go back to a traditional bed.

The natural tension of a tatami mat properly supports joints and posture and ensures you are well rested.

Maybe this is why the Japanese, some of the longest living people on earth, have slept on them for such a long time.

working on tatami mat

work on tatami.

So, you work from home. Maybe you hate working on the couch because it’s bad for your posture.

Sitting on tatami with a small table strengthens the back and provides a simple working space for stimulating the mind.

When you’re tired, stretch out for a small break right next to your desk. Or have tea. Or just take a deep breath, absorb the sweet smell of the tatami, and re-focus.

woman exercising on tatami mat

exercise on tatami.

Warriors have trained on tatami for a thousand years, but today you're just as likely to see a Yogi on tatami.

We practice yoga to feel better about ourselves by challenging our bodies while at the same time learning to accept our limitations.

Tatami works in harmony with the environment, like the balance we seek to achieve in our bodies.