Tradition dictates that tatami is placed remembering that the floor
has an intimate quality and we are always attached to it. Layouts should
be harmonious and beautiful, and it is believed that good luck stems
from the proper placement of tatami in the home.

By tradition, tatami was placed according to these rules:

  • 1

    The corners from four tatami mats should never touch.

  • 2

    Avoid a line that cuts all the way through the tatami layout.

  • 3

    Only one half size tatami should be used in a layout.

Here are a few traditional layouts that you can use:

tatami layouts

Of course you may place tatami however you like.

how many do you need?

installation and care of tatami

Tatami is simple to use and maintain.

Regularly vacuum your tatami with the grain using a soft brush head.


Tatami is always installed on subflooring – never finishing flooring. Contact us if you have installation questions. The mats heavy and should be handled by at least two people – full size tatami weighs 60 lbs.


Regular vacuuming of your tatami mat removes small particles that can penetrate the tatami’s tight weave.

seasonal clean

Put tatami out in direct sunlight once per season on a warm day. The fresh air rejuvenates the mat and UV naturally disinfects the tatami. A soft pat with a stick releases dust from the mat and it is considered cleansed.

spill and triage

Use a dry cloth to pick up a wet spill. Use a damp cloth to clean a mess. If residue is present gently use a toothbrush to loosen particles.

our life with tatami

It all started on Christmas day at an onsen at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

the story