• tatami mat

    Jenny R.

    "It's very good quality and comfortable... I use it to lie down and stare at the ceiling contemplating my life choices."

  • tatami mat flooring

    Stephen M.

    "Great quality, very solid with a bit of a spring to it and a great 'Igusa rush' smell"

  • pillows duvets

    Lisa H.

    "I ordered two to place side by side. They are so comfortable. My back and body feel great after a full night's rest!"

  • tatami flooring

    Joy R.

    "The smell and feel is awesome. The mats are well made and a little springy when stepping on them."

  • pillows

    Leona E.

    "I love my tatami mats. I used two of them to convert a studio into a guest bedroom."

  • tatami flooring

    Arlene P.

    "Very happy with the tatami mats. Well made and worth the price"